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Gosia Lehkunow

Gosia Bates (Lehkunow) is 34 years old, moved to the UK 10 years ago and has been living and working with dogs since... she can remember.

When still in Poland, she was extensively cooperating with animal shelters and rescue organisations fostering, training and rehoming dogs, not all of which were well-behaved and easy to handle. She's gained a lot of experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes, from Miniature Dachshund to Great Danes.

In 2009 she moved to London to study dog training and animal behaviour, which was not available in Poland at the time, and is actively interested in modern, reward-based techniques of training. Since moving to the UK she’s been doing various courses, attending seminars and conferences to learn from the very best in the field like: Daniel Mills, Ken Ramirez, Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar, Marc Bekoff, Claudia Fugazza, Victoria Stilwell and Brenda Aloff, Turid Rugaas, Chirag Patel, Susan Friedman, Kamal Fernandez, Jo Hill and Craig Ogilvie. Gosia is a certified dog trainer and a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers (Master Trainer) and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, UK (01290) and a full member of The Institute of Modern Dog Training. Dogs & the City has the Kennel Club Listed Status and hosts The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

Gosia firmly believes that training methods should be matched not only to particular dogs' temperaments but also to their owners' skills and abilities and therefore she does not support one fit-for-all training philosophy but approaches every situation individually instead. She also believes that a dog's happiness and well-being is at the centre of her work.

In 2013 she moved from London to Scotland and opened a new branch of Dogs & the City, which covers Edinburgh & Fife.

When living in London, Gosia was a volunteer dog assessor, home checker and fosterer for German Shepherd Rescue Elite and Rescue Remedies and since she moved to Fife, she has been volunteering in one of the Scottish branches of Dogs Trust and Staffordhire Rescue Scotland.

Gosia’s German Shepherd, Ivan, who had been an invaluable helper during training sessions for years, sadly passed away in June 2015 and now she shares her life with Mia the pocket-rocket Staffie from Battersea Dogs Home and Gonzo, an amazing Rottweiler that’s been a true inspiration for so many new projects over the past 3 years.

Gosia is police-checked and fully insured with Pet Business Insurance.

Roksana Moska

Roksana Moska (age 34) - After running a very successful dog training centre in Poland she has finally made her dream come true and moved to her beloved Scotland at the end of 2018.

Roksana is a dog training instructor and a behaviourist specialising in dog aggression and canine communication, with over 15 years of experience.

She has learnt from the best, doing instructor courses with Turid Rugaas and Marina Garfagnoli, but as a person ‘addicted to learning’ (as she calls herself) she keeps searching for new challenges and inspirations. Back in Poland, apart from working as a dog trainer, a therapist for troubled dogs and a puppy assessor she also was an examiner herself, teaching and assessing the next generation of dog trainers. Along with improving the dog-human relationship and repairing often fragile or even broken bond between dogs and their people, her real passion is Brainwork, Detection and Mantrailing.

In her work she tries to use the dogs’ natural abilities and their primal need to work with the nose to help the dogs improve their emotional state and, what follows, behaviour.

Roksana started her adventure with Mantrailing in 2010 and since then she travelled the world gaining accreditation from specialists like Anne-Lill Kvam (Troll Hundeskole, Norway), Ann-Jo Proos (Mantrailing France), Andy Ebert (Mantrailing International K9, Austria) and Patricia Spee (Netherlands). Then over the past few years, along with her Border Collie Vie, she’s given over 100 lectures and workshops all over Poland and Europe sharing her knowledge and affecting so many dog owners with her passion, amazing energy and always positive attitude.

Now, since the beginning of 2019, Roksana has joined Dogs & the City helping create new courses and starting a Nosework Club ‘The Nose Knows’.



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Marianne with Bruno

Gosia is doing a great job for my dog Bruno, he loves walking with her and the pack every day and comes back home happy and tired. I al...

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Thank you very much for having myself and Holly at the puppy classes. I learnt so much at the training sessions and I feel much more co...

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I thoroughly enjoyed attending puppy classes with Gosia, so did my Border Terrier Ham! I was truly amazed at how Gosia could command th...

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